Sheikh Mohammed Hussien AL-Amoudi Center of Excellence in Breast Cancer

Center Management




د.سامية العمودي


Dr. Samia Al-Amoudi
CEO and Board Member at Sheikh Mohammed Hussein Al-Amoudi Center of Excellence in Breast Cancer
Chairwoman of Scientific breast cancer chair
Associate Professor and Consultant obstetrician gynecologist
King Abdulaziz University,Jeddah,Saudi Arabia
Member of the Breast Health Global Initiatieve Steering Committee ,USA
Member of the executive board of MEP
Yemen Cancer Foundation Advisor
Breast Cancer Survivor, Global Advocate Susan G Komen for the Cure

Tel +966505626441
Tel office +9662 6952000 Ext 21036
+9662 6408416
P.O. 140295 Jeddah 21333
e-mail :


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