Sheikh Mohammed Hussien AL-Amoudi Center of Excellence in Breast Cancer

What you need to know about Breast Cancer



Here we are giving you some important information to know and consider about breast cancer, and we hope you can carry the message with us to benefit the whole community.

  • Breast Cancer is the most spreading cancer among women in Saudi Arabia and it is of a incidence of 22.6%.

  • 70% of the breast cancer cases detected in Saudi Arabia is in the late stages which make them difficult to be cured.

  • Early detection of cancer improves the surviving rates up to 98%.

  • The Early detection is based on: The Breast self exam, the breast clinical exam, and the mammogram.

  • 80- 90 % of the breast tumors are benign.

  • The incidence of cancer increases by aging.

  • If you detected any changes of your breast size or shape, any lumps, discharges from the nipple, so you have to seek for clinical advices and see your doctor immediately.

  • The modern technologies introduced to cancer treatment improved the treatment results and survival rates.

  • Mastectomies are done only in advanced stages of cancers, not in all of them as most of the people thought.

  • Chemotherapies are painful; but it is one of the most powerful treatments to control cancer.

  • The family and friends support is essential in cancer treatment.

  • Your faith in God, your courage, are your inspirations to face breast cancer, and you can do it! 



 Dr.Samia Al Amoudi

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