Sheikh Mohammed Hussien AL-Amoudi Center of Excellence in Breast Cancer

Our Goals

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1.To spread awareness about early diagnosis of breast cancer among the entire society .

2.To set the pace in breast cancer healthcare .

3.To offer world-class and uninterrupted healthcare to breast cancer patients.

4.To build a national and international network of breast cancer excellence centers.

5.To form social and psychological support groups for breast cancer patients.

6.To train healthcare students and practitioners on diagnosis.

7.To conduct research that serves the center’s goals and help understand breast cancer in the Kingdom.

8.To motivate students towards research and make it a way of life for them.

9.To build a comprehensive database that would become invaluable for scientists and researchers.

10.To contribute to making King Abdulaziz University a pioneer in social service .

11.To  help reduce the number of breast cancer cases in the Kingdom and the region at large.

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