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Awareness Campaigns





- Awareness Campaigns:-

Sheikh Mohammed HusseinAl-Amoudi Center of Excellence in Breast Cancer employs the latest scientifically proven methods in fulfilling its message and achieving its objectives. One of these methods is to conduct organized, well-researched awareness campaigns in an air of teamwork, both among staff and with other concerned institutions. The efforts of individuals and institutions are organized and utilized in raising awareness about the hazards associated with breast cancer and the importance of early detection of the disease.

The center’s campaigns include lectures, seminars, workshops leaflets in several languages and innovative messages. These campaigns are conducted only after thorough, comprehensive research of the target groups, so as to insure that the campaigns are compatible with their nature and level of culture. Television and press interviews are also carried out to highlight these campaigns and increase positive interaction with them.

The center conducted the following campaigns:

1) More prayers for breast cancer patients of 1431 h.   (For more details click here)

2) Conference on the role of medical services providers.   (For more details click here)

3)Sign language awareness campaign of 1431 h.   (For more details click here)  

4) Breast cancer awareness campaign for the 1431 Hajj season.   (For more details click here)

5) Campaign Girl & Pink Ribbon.   (For more details click here)

6) You Are My Partner .   (For more details click here)

7) Workshops for Breast Cancer Awareness Program 2012 for Male Students from the College of Medicine   (For more details click here)

8) Campaign for Consent Form

9) Women's Health Empowerment Campaign (1) - Breast Cancer Patient's Right for October 2013

10) Women's Health Empowerment Campaign (2) - How to Protect Myself from Breast Cancer in the Future




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